"Flamboyant Experiments"…an Exhibition of vibrant children

The Arab Cultural Center in Al-Mazzeh, hosted for the second season "Flamboyant Experiments"exhibition organized by the Educational Center for Fine Arts, presenting the artistic work of talented children. The participants' creativity and experiences are evaluated and rewarded.

Quills, colors and paper were their simple tools to express themselves and draw their dreams on a small white surface, combining talent and creativity to give the exhibition's visitors a dose of pure plastic art.

Faten Hamdan, director of the Educational Center for Fine Arts said: "We provide children  who join the center with many activities such as "watercolor painting - acrylic - carving on wood - printing - and graphics".

Moataz Al-Omari, a trainer at the Educational Center for Fine Arts, also explained that this exhibition is the artifact of the hard work of the center's talented students children , adolescents and adults.

Ali Al-Hassan, Director of the Cultural Center in Mezzeh, explained that the exhibition was scheduled to take place before that time, however it was postponed because of health conditions and Corona virus.

We noticed the harmony in colors in the exhibition as you feel that you stand in front of great talent, which is certainly a result of training and cultivating talents by family and trainers. Despite the age gap between participants, they gather round passion and talent.

Lama Razzouq