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7th Festival for Youth Cinema and Short Films honors prominent Syrian actor As’ad Fiddah

The currently-held Festival for Youth Cinema and Short Films yesterday honored the prominent Syrian actor As’ad Fiddah for his key role in the development of the artistic movement in Syria and for his long and rich artistic career.

The 82-year old actor has been considered as one of the Arab artists who laid the foundation stone of art in the Arab world.

Fiddah got several outstanding awards and appreciation certificates from local, Arab and world artistic bodies for his drama, cinematic and theatrical works.

Fiddah studied at the Higher Institute for Theatrical Arts in Cairo. After graduation in 1962, he returned to Syria and sought to promote the art of theater in the country by presenting dozens of theatrical shows.

 In theater, Fiddah started with directing “Karamazov Brothers ” for the Russian writer Dostoevsky in 1964 and besides presenting many other theatrical works, he was the first director to turn the works of prominent Syrian playwright Sa’dallah Wannous into plays staged at the National Theater including “The King is the King” and “An Evening with Abu Khalil Qabbani'”.

In Cinema, Fiddah excelled in several films that were produced by the National Film Organization and that won several awards. The Nights of  Ibn Awa, Habibati ya Hab al-Touteltut”, Black flour  and Word of mouth messages , Alrrabieat bitawqit alfirdaws have been among his master works in the Seventh Art.

Also, Fiddah has a strong contribution to the Syrian drama. The famous TV series “ Awlad Baladi”, “Al-Ababeed”, “Al Maout Al Kadem Ila Al Sharq”, “Al Fawaris”, “Thi Qar”, “Nizar Qabbani”, “Qamar Bani Hashem”, “Izz ad-Din al-Qassam”, “Abu kamel,” “al-Jawareh” and “Souk al-Harir” have gained him an outstanding position among Arab actors.

Hamda Mustafa