Portrait painter, Noha Jabara, said that her participation in the forum helps her to get to know the artists closely, and to gain new experiences and skills in the way of working and understanding paintings. Sculptor, Nour al-Zayla'a, said that she presented a metal work depicting a person sitting alone in a garden, meditating and thinking about the conditions that made him reach where he is now, with a branchless tree, except for one single branch, beside him, in a sign of hope and optimism in life.

In turn, painter, Jum’a Niz-han, indicated that the forum is an opportunity to see the experience and style of each artist and the stages a work of painting takes, especially that we have known that painters do their work inside a studio, so we don’t have the opportunity to know the details and stages of paining.

Niz-han pointed out that his painting is inspired by the poem of Mahmoud Darwish, “Pigeons Fly-Pigeons Land" which is a symbolic image of the world where peace and love prevail.

It is worth mentioning that a number of students from the Faculty of Fine Arts came to the forum. Student Dima said she came to see the works of artists to benefit from their experiences,  their ideas and thoughts and their way of thinking, and how they choose their themes and colors to relate to their internal and external condition, along with their ability to overcome difficulties and express their talent.


Rayan Faouri