Al-Sahnawi  stressed  that the film  will continue its  participation at international festivals  and it  will  be  soon in the USA and United Kingdom , as the film is a Syrian cinematic work which addresses  a message and  carries a purpose 

The film "Niqab al-Rooh" presents an important international humanitarian issue that reveals the crimes of the international evil gangs hiding behind the guise of humanitarian aid.

Characters of the film were acted   by Wael Sharaf ,  Rawad Alyo ,  Joan Al Khadre ,  Haya Maraashili , Maryam Ali  and a group of youth and children.

It is noteworthy that the author and director of  the  film “ Veil of the Soul  “  had previously gained  a number of  awards  most notably of which are  the Golden Director award at the Los Angeles Film Festival and the same   at the Toronto Festival in Canada in addition to  the second gold prize  of  the best integrated film  at the Catskills  Festival.

Rawaa Ghanam