Syrian Caricaturist Raed Khalil Wins the Second Prize at the international Competition in India

Syrian Cartoonist Raed Khalil won  the second prize at  the first international competition which was held in India on the occasion of the birth  centenary of the late former  Prime  Minister PV  Narasimha Rao..

He was an Indian lawyer and  politician , who always  raised his voice against injustice and led the country through a critical phase.

225 caricaturists   from 30 countries participated in the competition, where the first  award went to Peru and the third one to India, in addition to distributing three  special prizes  among cartoonists  from India..

Khalil said in a statement to  SANA  that this award means a lot to him.  

He  stressed the competition serves his  artistic project aimed at addressing social issues and highlighting the positive and negative aspects of life and society at  world level.

It is worth mentioning that   Khalil was born in 1973. He  is a caricaturist  at  the “Al-Baath” newspaper and  the Syrian Arab TV..


Artist  Khalil  participated in a number of  international exhibitions and won several  awards and certificates of appreciation. He is the editor and supervisor of the Syrian Caricature site and director of the  International Caricature Festival - Syria since its inception, where he won a number of  local, Arab and international awards .


Rawaa Ghanam