Hussein Hmyra: A Promising artistic talent


Young artist Hussein Hmyra loved drawing since childhood, as he used to draw animals precisely and very skillfully -a skill not compatible with his age. Although he did not study painting academically, Hussein managed to prove to be a unique talent in the photorealism world.

The young artist told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I started drawing when I was 5 years old, through joining the" Free Drawing Club ", which is a voluntary civil social initiative undertaken by Mr. Issam Hassan who discovered my artistic talent and asked his friend, artist Adawiya Dayoub, who later became director of the Children's Public Library in Latakia, to take care of me and help me to develop my talent. She offered me all the assistance to improve myself.

Since 2005 I have participating in various library activities and the artistic activities held by the cultural center from 2007 until 2011.

 Talking about his artistic experience, Hussein said: "I did not join any center or school to learn drawing, but I contacted a group of painters who provided me with experiences that helped me refine my artistic talent, including the plastic artist Hassan Al-Khader who taught me the principles of oil painting."


Hussein is influenced by the realistic school of painting and is very impressed by the work of Italian artist Diego Fazio, noting that all his artworks are realistic portraits that depend on his interest in the snapshot and the accuracy of the details.

"It is the snapshot that gives uniqueness and is the starting point and basis on which I build my entire artwork as I tried as much as possible to make my panels similar to the pictures. I am currently drawing a realistic version of the Mona Lisa."All my portraits are drawn with lead, charcoal, white acrylic and black ink", Hussein concluded.


The artist participated with 3 paintings in an exhibition held at Tishreen University, and he is invited to participate in a group exhibition that will be held soon in the governorate. He is currently preparing for holding a private exhibition.

It is worth mentioning that Hussein Hmyra is 22 years old and a student at the Faculty of Architecture at Tishreen University

By: Amal Farhat