Heritage and Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition in Aleppo

The  heritage and  traditional handicrafts exhibition, which is held  by the Craftsmen Union in Aleppo,  was inaugurated on Thursday  at the Olympic  Theater Hall in Al-Hamadania in Aleppo.

Taking part in the event  are  30 artisans  from 14 handicrafts societies concerned with the manufacture of traditional crafts, copper and glass products, Arabesque wood, textile fabrics and handmade carpets.

Head of the Craftsmen’s Union Bakkour  Farah stressed   in a statement to  SANA that the exhibition  is of great importance to highlight  heritage and traditional handicrafts  and encourage craftsmen to display and market their products.

 Farah underscored that the exhibition is  a message to the world during which industrialists and craftsmen prove their ability to withstand and supply the local market with  local products to challenge the blockade imposed on Syria.

He  pointed  to the key  role of the Craftsmen Union in providing support for owners of traditional crafts and encourage them by providing production requirements.

The exhibition displays a wide variety of heritage and traditional handicrafts products including  oriental decoration, Arabic calligraphy, carpentry and arabesque inlaid with seashells, old copper tools and utensils  ,  products of traditional fabrics and  natural silk as well as  old traditional glass products, handmade carpets  and loom weaving rugs .

 A number of craftsmen, who are participating in the exhibition, underlined that  the exhibition  constitutes an opportunity to market their  products and introduce them, stressing their  keenness on  teaching their grandparents’ traditional  handicrafts  to  their children and grandchildren for fear of extinction.

The craftsmen referred to the remarkable turnout ,which the exhibition is witnessing, noting that the exhibition is an urgent need for every craftsman to display his products and constitutes  an active motive for the artisans to continue work and production.

A number of visitors to the exhibition expressed their admiration for the ancient and authentic artisans’  products who  are concerned with preserving the authentic  heritage of Aleppo.

Rawaa Ghanam