Fadi Khair Bek, the party's conductor, stressed to (ST) the children’s interaction with the audience, their harmony among each other and their love for music, hoping that children’s talents will be encouraged and accorded special attention that enhances their creative abilities. He indicated that the band will present other shows that depict the future of children.

It is to be noted that artist Fadi Khair Bek is an oud player. He performed many concerts that were composed and written by him. His song for occupied Syrian Golan won an award at the “Golan Will Return” Festival in 2010.

Lama al- Maliki, The Director of the Cultural Complex , spoke to ST about the wonderful interaction between parents and children's activities at the concert. Despite the quarantine due to the Coronavirus situation, the child musicians insisted on regularly attending the training sessions under social distancing and sterilization measures.

She highly appreciated the parents’ keenness on encouraging and developing their children’s talents.

 ‘”Al- Zohour” band was founded by artist Fadi Khair Bek in 2004. It performed several concerts in various Syrian governorates and sang for the homeland, humanity and childhood.

Interviewed by Sanaa Hasan