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The expatriate plastic artist, Mohamed Mahfoud ... Art is the passport of Syrians to the world

After more than thirty years in the expatriate, Plastic artist Mohamed Mahfoud returns to his city Homs, where he holds an art exhibition that embodies his love for his homeland, his nostalgia for the past and the dear memories that he left on classroom seats at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. This exhibition, which is his third in Syria, is hosted by Sobhi Shuaib Gallery for Plastic Arts in the city of Homs. 

Talking about his artistic experience, Mahfoud said: “My love for art started from the age of ten when I was a student in elementary school.I then turned the primitive childhood toys into wonderful models and my small room into a studio for dozens of beautiful paintings, which drew the attention of my mother who encouraged and supported me to hold, at the age of fifteen, my first exhibition in Sobhi Shuaib Gallery. The exhibition amazed the audience, who rushed to acquire my simple paintings at the time, most of which embodied nature and portraiture with creative techniques.


He added that after the age of twenty, he joined the College of Fine Arts to develop his distinctive talent which he possessed due to his studies in the industrial high school, as he was able to adapt the experience he obtained through his primary specialization, which is decoration, so he was familiar with sculpture, iron, oil colors, interior blackout and drawing in Chinese  ink,  as well as recycling waste materials into distinctive works of art. He pointed out that during his teaching of the fine arts in UAE schools, he encountered many Syrian expatriate students who were distinguished from their peers in terms of their love for knowledge  and creativity. He provided them with his experience, helped them, and unleashed their talents, which were transformed into unique artistic experiences that have a bright future in plastic work.

Regarding what distinguishes his work, Mahfoud explains that his works do not belong to a specific art school, but rather to all plastic schools, including the pointillism school that appeared in the Renaissance and disappeared after it, pointing out that he made more than one hundred and fifty paintings in two-color dots  black and white , which was admired by the audience, who hastened to acquire his paintings in a way that  he never expected.

As for the topics that he embodies in his works, Mahfoud stated that women in her various states, the lover, thinker and the procreator who is renewing life, occupy most of his artistic works displayed in this exhibition  entitled " Talk of the Soul " as a message of gratitude for his muse, his wife. In other works, he relied on the subject of the eye in its various forms, colors, and visual reflections,  as it constitutes the mirror of the soul and the true expression of the feelings of joy, sadness or anger inside  the soul.

"Art in all its forms is a passport for every Syrian artist, whether he is a musician, plastic artist or actor, for all parts of the world," Mahfoud concluded .

It is worth noting that Mahfoud held dozens of individual and group art exhibitions in Syria and the United Arab Emirates, and won many of the first places there.


Amal Farhat