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The completion of the rehabilitation and restoration work of Al-Hosn Castle

Homs,(ST)-The rehabilitation and restoration work of Al-Hosn Castle in Homs, which started at the beginning of this year, has ended with a financial cost estimated at SYP20 million.

Director of the castle, Naima Mohartam, stated to SANA that the restoration work included the devastated part of the stone retaining wall that supports the road leading to the northern gate of the castle as well as its adjacent pillar and vault on the south side of the Knights' Hall, which is located in the inner courtyard of the castle.

"The rehabilitation and restoration works also included the so-called reserve corridor that facilitates the movement of visitors .There will also be work on the main staircase in the inner courtyard, which leads to the surface at the Round Table. Some of the damaged surfaces were isolated and some walls were restored in various places within the castle, especially the corner of the second stable", Mohartam added.

Head of the engineering department in the castle, Engineer Hazem Hanna, pointed out that the most dangerous places inside  the castle have been noted, so that they have priority for restoration and rehabilitation, stressing that the basic comfort requirements were provided  for visitors to the castle  who numbered about 23.000 last year.

Hanna confirmed that the Hungarian mission working in the castle was unable to complete its work due to the Corona pandemic, noting that its return will focus on continuing the rehabilitation of the water drainage system in the inner castle and documenting and restoring the wall drawings in the church tower.

He talked about the importance of the project to rehabilitate the tourist path inside the castle.  This project which has been studied and will be funded by the Ministry of Tourism, includes restoring the facade of the collection position, setting up indicative panels and installing doors and windows for the Tower of the King's Girl in preparation to be invested as a cafeteria for visitors.


Amal Farhat