“Anemones” photography forum held in Lattakia

Twenty artistic works inspired by the victories of the October liberation war were showcased  at  “Anemones” photography forum  , which was hosted by the Picasso Center for plastic arts in Lattakia..

The forum symbolized  the values of glory and pride and reflected the heroic sacrifices  of the Syrian Arab Army in the face of dangers and challenges.

The  ten artists, who took part in the event , presented   a variety of styles and techniques, so that each artist expressed , in his own style, his pride  in the battles of heroism and honor.

The supervisor of the forum  plastic artist Ismail Totanji, indicated in a statement to SANA the importance of holding  the forum  every year ,  choosing a national theme,  bringing  together a number of artists to present their visions and ideas  in addition to  providing an opportunity to highlight young talents  to support the Syrian plastic movement..

The participant   Aya Ismail Agha, a student at the College of Fine Arts, highlighted the importance of the topic of  this year's forum  which allows the young generation to embody the heroic images of the October liberation war.  She stressed the need for holding such forums to  allow young artists  to display their artistic works .   

On her part Afaf Matarji from  the Kindergarten faculty  participated with two works, one of which  depicted  the hope that is embodied in the children of Syria, considering the forum a good opportunity to develop skills and  learn about the experiences of others.  

Through her participation, Rana Jouna, a student at  the College of Pharmacy, expressed the hope embodied by the Syrian Arab soldier and his ability to achieve  victory in all  wars , stressing the forum  provided an opportunity  for the participants to express themselves and their talent regardless of academic study.

In turn Sarah Halawanji, a teacher of drawing, whose work "The Sunrise of Victory",  reflected Syria's ability to rise every time like a phoenix and fly to the broad horizon. 

The forum, which is  held annually  by the Ministry of Culture in cooperation with the Governorate of Lattakia, was launched in its first session in 2018 under the title “The homeland’s Wound”..

Rawaa Ghanam