The expatriate artist Nizar Hattab: Syria with All its dreams and pain occupies his paintings

From the heart of the Syrian reality in particular and the world in general, the expatriate plastic artist Nizar Hattab presents paintings that simulate the dreams of people in Syria and abroad. The heroes of these paintings are dreamy women with visions that hide their pain.

The three paintings that Hattab painted in the country of expatriation and through which he remained attached to the Syrian features, will be the focus of his participation in the virtual exhibition that the Picasso Museum hosts every year in commemoration of this artist in the Spanish city of Malaga.

Hattab sought through these paintings to show that Syria is in his heart and the heart of every expatriate artist who is loving and loyal to it, as he explained in an interview with SANA.

Followers of Hattab's work finds that it delves into the vocabulary of plastic art, as his approach is very close to that of Picasso, who influenced him in his simple expressive style by repeating faces in multiple cases.

His paintings reflect different stories and some express feelings of joy and hope ... tragedy and pain. He was also unique in choosing the colors that he calls wise, because it tells of untreated wounds.

Regarding his participation in the World Picasso Exhibition, he stressed the importance of holding exhibitions online because of their great role in the spread of artworks, especially during the spread of the Corona pandemic.

Hattab praised the important achievements of the Syrian artist during the years of the war as a role model on the global level as he insisted on creating creativity from the heart of suffering.

Plastic artist Hattab was born in 1969. He studied in the schools of the sons of the martyrs in the cities of Aleppo and Damascus. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts. He studied art by great artists such as Fateh Al-Mudaris, Adham Ismail and Muhammad Azizi. He participated in many individual and group exhibitions inside and outside Syria. Syrian institutions in several countries, including Italy, Greece, France, and Britain acquired his paintings. He won a number of awards and honors.

It is worth mentioning that Hattab worked as a certified judicial expert in the science of fingerprints, lines, and detecting fraud in many Syrian institutions.


Amal Farhat