Students Filmmakers from 15 Arab and Foreign Countries Take Part in Al-Qal’a Student Film Festival in Damascus

Al-Qal’a   Student film Festival , which is being held for the first time in Syria, is an opportunity for students studying cinema with its various sciences and specializations to present their films before the public  and  exchange   experiences  with  others.. 

The festival, which  was opened on Sunday at the  Citadel of Damascus, screens  42 films from 14 countries in addition to 12 Syrian films, distributed between the productions of the Technical Institute of Applied Arts and the Youth Cinema Support Project sponsored by the General  Establishment for Cinema. 

 Films from Spain, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Egypt and Mauritania were screened during the opening festival.

 Assistant Minister of Culture Tawfiq Al-Imam  underlined   in a statement to SANA  the importance of  holding the festival at  Damascus Citadel  due to its historical value.


He  stressed  that this event is an opportunity for these young people to present their first experiences and see the products of their  counterparts  abroad, affirming  the culture ministry's support for all projects which  serve youth and develop their talents.

On his part, General Director of the General Establishment for Cinema  Murad Shaheen underscored that  the festival contributes to supporting young people and providing them with the opportunity to prove themselves.

He  urged  everyone with a cinematic talent to make continuous effort to develop their capabilities because success in the seventh art requires continuous work and taking advantage of the opportunity to learn about the experiences of Arab and foreign students  to enhance their expertise.

The festival's artistic director, Hussam Wahab, reviewed  the mechanism for accepting the works participating in the five-day festival by selecting 42 films out of the 70 submitted to the festival, of which 25 were Arab and foreign films and 12 Syrian. 

Concluding the festival three prizes will be distributed including  the official competition in addition to six prizes for the films of the  General Establishment for Cinema  and a special prize for students of the Technical  Institute of Applied Arts. 

Member of the festival  jury  director Muhannad Kulthum  described the festival as a beautiful initiative to support students studying cinema arts in Syria and abroad, presenting their productions while they are still studying, and creating a space for competition between films belonging to different film schools.

A member of the festival jury  Ammar Al-Hamed explained  the technical criteria that the committee has adopted including directing, text, dialogue, performance and music, as important rules for evaluation in any film competition, pointing to the  high level of  the films participating in the Student Film Festival  in terms of  sensitivity and technology.


Rawaa Ghanam