“Needle and Thread” exhibition revives Syrian heritage

Abu Rummana cultural center is currently hosting a collective exhibition for a group of women entitled “Needle and thread”.

The exhibition displays wonderful works such as: covers , cushions and decorative panels. These works were made by 20 women, who had started their works since the start of the crisis in Syria [in 2011] with the aim of filling their free time  and doing something useful through  reviving heritage products and the habits of our grandmothers and mothers and reusing damaged material to do beautiful things that fit modern age.

By using just needle, thread and worn fabrics, the talented artists [women] made beautiful art and created job opportunities for them that will help them get money from selling their products. 

The works that were  made by needle and thread are a handicraft which revive the heritage of our grandmothers and our beautiful folklore, which attract people in Syria and abroad.

Eman Qushah, who is one of the participants in the exhibition, told Syria Times (e-news paper) that the works that we display in this event are used at home and they are not expensive. 

“The works are source of happiness to the participants despite the fact that they are made without using machines. I show a decorative works, which reflect my ideas and culture” she said.

Rajaa Idris, another participant, made from worn jeans and burlap many beautiful works that were inspired from the heritage in Palmyra.

Mushira Al-Zeer used embroidery that reflects folklore in her paintings and works such as mountains and ancient columns.

The displayed works in the exhibition are distinguished, and reflect the importance of our heritage and its greatness. 


Interviewed by: Nada Haj Khidr