Young artists depict their graduation projects in an exhibition in Damascus

Four young artists, who have chosen to start their professional art life immediately after graduation from the Department of Oil Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts , have held a collective exhibition at the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummana.

The participating artists are: Lin Khlouf, Lama Hammadi, Lama Bara and Lama Al-Jojo. They show in the 7-day event paintings inspired from their graduation projects, which reflect different schools including abstraction, expressionism and cubism using calm colors.

Lin Khalouf shows the world of spirituality and mysticism, depicting an oriental and Arab-Islamic decoration .

She told the Syria Times (e-newspaper): “My paintings depict the abstract art to express spirituality”

She uses the color blue as an expression of the spirit in order to highlight its beauty. Her works are a mix of realistic vocabulary and abstract school techniques.

Another participant, Lama Hammadi depicts the content of her project entitled " Dream" . She believes that the person escapes from reality to dream  land searching for beautiful moments.

She made it clear that her paintings mirror the expressive school as she uses yellow and turquoise in order to show foggy colors to express the state of an unclear dream”.

On her part, Lama Al-Jojo's paintings focus on a single  theme which is the female. She draws women in different conditions and uses colors inspired  from the fall season to represent warmth and intimacy. 

” I chose the romantic expressionistic school” She said.

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr