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Heritage and Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition in Aleppo

The  heritage and  traditional handicrafts exhibition, which is held  by the Craftsmen Union in Aleppo,  was inaugurated on Thursday  at the Olympic  Theater Hall in Al-Hamadania in Aleppo.

Taking part in the event  are  30 artisans  from 14 handicrafts societies concerned with the manufacture of traditional crafts, copper and glass products, Arabesque wood, textile fabrics and handmade carpets.

Head of the Craftsmen’s Union Bakkour  Farah stressed   in a statement to  SANA that the exhibition  is of great importance to highlight  heritage and traditional handicrafts  and encourage craftsmen to display and market their products.

Hussein Hmyra: A Promising artistic talent


Young artist Hussein Hmyra loved drawing since childhood, as he used to draw animals precisely and very skillfully -a skill not compatible with his age. Although he did not study painting academically, Hussein managed to prove to be a unique talent in the photorealism world.

The young artist told the Syria Times e-newspaper: "I started drawing when I was 5 years old, through joining the" Free Drawing Club ", which is a voluntary civil social initiative undertaken by Mr. Issam Hassan who discovered my artistic talent and asked his friend, artist Adawiya Dayoub, who later became director of the Children's Public Library in Latakia, to take care of me and help me to develop my talent. She offered me all the assistance to improve myself.

Since 2005 I have participating in various library activities and the artistic activities held by the cultural center from 2007 until 2011.

The Ornina Forum for Culture features the civilized face of Homs.

Homs, (ST)- The Ornina Forum for Culture in Homs attracts an elite group of intellectuals and artists from Syria and abroad.This has made it a platform for culture, that highlights the cultural face of Homs in various cultural, historical, archaeological and social aspects.

Concerning the forum and its goals, Raymond Kapron, the forum's director, told SANA that the forum, which was created more than a year ago, attracted thousands of fans, including  on line fans, thus endowing it with a distinctive character in Syria and many countries of the world.

He added that the Ornina Forum, deriving its name from the music gods of the ancient Syrians, started its activities with presenting  traditional evening parties in Homs, then with a documentary film entitled "Palms of Palmyra Do not bend" ." It tells the story of Khaled Al-Assaad, the Syrian archaeologist who was murdered by  terrorist gangs  in Palmyra, in a reference to him as a Palmyrian palm that refused to bow to the terrorists, as well as showing films of the World Cinema.

Various Painting styles in "Mother is the Homeland" exhibition

A collective plastic art exhibition was held on Monday at the Arab Cultural Center in “Abu Rummanah”, Damascus under the title “Mother is the homeland”.  10 artists participated in the exhibition that will continue till the 20th of the current month, displaying about 25 five paintings.

The artists displayed paintings that reflected their talents. The diverse works depicted portraits of women nature, family and society. The artists presented paintings of women who have suffered from poverty and displacement during the past ten year of crisis in Syria .Also, other paintings reflected the optimistic vision through showing the active role played by women in society.

Misak Pedersian, an 83 years old pottery maker, has contributed to preserving his profession from extinction

HASAKA, (ST)- Misak Pedersian, an 83 years old pottery maker, never thought a single day to abandon the profession he had inherited from his predecessors and taught to his children, thereby creating an excellent reputation in this field over long years and contributing to preserving this profession from extinction.

Pedersian, who is a descendant from an Armenian family that settled in Qameshli in Syria’s Hasaka after being displaced from Turkey following the Ottoman state’s massacres against the Armenians, spent 70 years in pottery making. However, he is no longer able to work now, but still able to follow up and supervise what his son Mikhail produces at the pottery workshop.