Levantine Andalusian Manuscripts- Tale of Arab History

Al-Assad National Library boasts tens of thousands of manuscripts, dating back to different ages that have been collected and gifted from Syrian and Arab libraries in various kinds of knowledge.

Preserved in al-Assad Library, researchers have revealed only part of this cognitive and qualitative treasure. To this end, academic researchers are hosted at the Library that holds continuous symposiums, the last of which was The Manuscripts and their Cognitive & Cultural Role.

Should we mess around with our memories...To Create Art?

Arabian coffee dregs wiping out memories

Faten Sallameh, a Syrian artist whose artistic crafts have such an attractive exquisite feature and strong aroma, yes you have heard it well: aroma. An aroma that conquers all the visitors of Faten Sallameh’s house, which must hide, in the crooks of their memories, the masterpieces of Arabian coffee grinds.

Usually desperate housewives use coffee residue at the bottom of their darkly traced cups as fortune telling signs. However, Faten Salameh, a housewife, far from being desperate, has shaped her fortune by the usage of Arabian coffee leftovers in a very innovative way. She transforms that transient domestic material to artistic masterpieces, forming marvelous sceneries with black coffee scraps on a white blank solid surface, not only are the colors paradoxical, but the concept as well_ altering a perishable substance to illustrious artistries.

Syrian Artist defeats her disability in "Girls" Exhibition

Although she was born without limbs, her strength and will of life helped her to be a distinguished artist. Duaa al-Bestati uses her feet to draw beautiful paintings and this makes her an example to be followed.

The artist is currently holding her solo exhibition under the title "Girls" at the Arab Cultural Center in Abou Rumaneh, Damascus. Duaa displays about 32 paintings, most of them are glass paintings, that  depict the different states and conditions of women living in our society, beside her own life.

Trojan War- Heroes and Events Engraved on a Sarcophagus by Syrian Artist 1900 Years Ago

Dating to 1240 BC, the Trojan War took place in the far west of Anatolia between the Greeks and the Trojans. It is one of the most important wars in history not only because of its ten-year span and its subsequent historical impact, but also because of its extraordinary heroism and imaginative characters, making it exemplary of courage and sincerity throughout ages.

Sculptor Rustom .. his homeland is a letter engraved in the rock

The  Syrian expatriate  sculptor Muhammad Rustom  has carved in the rock his passion  to his beloved country  through his  artistic works , which  embodied his innate talent and reflected the deep-rooted civilization of his homeland.

The sculptor  residing between Lebanon and Guinea mixed in his  artworks  abstraction and carving , using the  style of urban art with absolute precision and a unique way .

At  the beginning of the war on Syria , Rustom carved the Syrian and Lebanese pound of rock stone and placed it in one of the squares of the Lebanese city of Tire. The sculpture  , which took 6 months, is 3 meters and 85 cm long , two meters  and 80 cm high and  weighing up to 12 tons.