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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The decision of OPCW on Syria represents clear politicization and is a result of Western pressures and threats

The Syrian Arab Republic expressed its deep concern over the policies of blackmail, threats and pressure adopted by a group of Western countries, especially the United States, Britain and France, to pass a Western decision during the ninety-fourth session of the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

The OPCW’s policies constitute a dangerous precedent and play a pivotal role in politicizing its work and turning it into a hostage to many well-known countries that impose their narrow and malicious political agendas through it.

Ministry of Transport operates a flight to transport 250 Syrian citizens stuck in Erbil, Iraq

The Ministry of Transport announced today that it would operate a flight to evacuate Syrian citizens from the city of Erbil in Iraq within the next few days.

The ministry indicated in a statement today that the flight will transport 250 Syrian citizens stuck in Erbil to Damascus International Airport, calling on those wishing to return to visit the Syrian Aviation Office in Erbil. The ministry added that the flight date would be announced upon completion of the required procedures.

The Ministry of Transport had operated two flights to transport 500 Syrian students stuck in India, the first on the 21st of last month and the second on the 2nd of this month, as part of the government efforts to repatriate the Syrians stuck abroad due to the spread of Corona epidemic.

Israel has arrested 2330 Palestinians, including 304 minors in six months

The Israeli occupation forces have arrested 2330 Palestinians in the first six months of this year, Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association (Addameer) said in a report published by the WAFA news agency.  

The report indicates that 1363 Palestinian were detained since the coronavirus outbreak in early March, adding that  304 children and 70 women were among the detained since January.

"Habnamra",… A village of springs and caves

Habnamra village is 65 km away from Homs. It is situated in the area known as Wadi al-Nasara.  It is surrounded by a variety of thick  forests full of oaks, arbutus and terebinth.

 Historical accounts confirm that the village was  once the scene of migratory tigers, and this is why it was called tiger pit or tiger den. It is said that it was a place where tigers fought within a wide square that extends from the current, Mary Spring to the Saint Marina shrine, so it was called "Harb Namra", (the war of tigers), according to what was stated in a book by Dr. Elias Tannous Obeid . Thus, with the passage of time, it turned into Habnamra.

On the anniversary of July aggression, highlights of Lebanese national resistance in confronting the Israeli aggression

 Fourteen years have passed since the start of the brutal Israeli aggression on Lebanon, and the Lebanese national resistance and its people have immortalized their heroics which are examples of the challenge and steadfastness in the face of a cruel and long aggression.

The aggression lasted for more than a month and led to the martyrdom of more than 1500 Lebanese citizens and the displacement of more than a million.