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61st Damascus International Fair Concludes Activities…Hundreds of Contracts Were Signed

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The 61st Damascus International Fair concluded its 10-day activities on Friday amid strong determination by the Syrians to re-operate the production wheel and restore trade exchange between Syria and many countries of the world.

This year's fair has been a Syrian economic, social and cultural victory with the official participation of 38 countries and hundreds of businessmen from other countries.

 The most important aspect about this major Arab and international event is its being held in a country that is still fighting and expelling terrorism from its territories and is still struggling to rebuild itself.

 During the fair, hundreds of contracts were signed between businessmen from Syria and other Arab and foreign countries and several economic forums were held including the third Syrian-Russian Businessmen Forum and the Forum on Investment Opportunities in Transportation Sectors and the first conference of the Syrian-Iranian Joint Chamber of Commerce.

According to the Syrian News Agency SANA, the signed contracts aim at marketing the Syrian products domestically and abroad and at establishing partnerships in projects covering the sectors of production, service, energy as well as reconstruction.

Talal Qal'aji told SANA on Friday that hundreds of businessmen have visited the fair, held talks and signed important contracts with companies of the Syrian private sector.

The number and value of the contracts will be made public when the participating companies submit the signed contracts to the Agency for the Development and Support of Domestic Production and Exports by the end of the period specified in the support applications.

He hailed the government's support provided to the private sector's participants in terms of the reserved areas as well as the recently declared support for the signed exportation deals. This support is viewed as being a real contribution by the government to enhancing local industries, supporting the presence of these industries in foreign markets, increasing production and exports, opening new work horizons and creating more job opportunities.

Hamda Mustafa