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Participants in the 3rd International Trade Unions Forum: Illegal Economic Siege On Syria Should be Broken

 DAMASCUS, (ST)- Participants in the first session of the 3rd International Trade Unions Forum on Solidarity with the Syrian Workers and People reiterated the need to break the illegal economic siege and unilateral coercive measures and sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and condemned foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

The Syrians' best response to the unfair sanctions is to build a strong national economy and provide innovative solutions, the participants said, calling on all to assume the humanitarian and moral responsibility towards the Syrian people who are rallying around their army and leadership in the confrontation of the economic siege.

 They also called for organizing an Arab and International popular move to end the siege and eliminate its repercussions.

The participants also stressed that complete victory over terrorism in Syria will help the Syrian people and workers have time to rebuild their country in cooperation with friendly and allied states.

They pointed out that the world is currently witnessing  a new balance of powers at the international level, so economic balance should be organized, because the United States and its western allies are using economy as a weapon to steal the wealth and natural resources of the peoples of the world.

The session included the screening of a documentary about the systematic terrorist attacks against the Syrian workers and infrastructure and about the re-operation of the production wheel  in Syria. It also included a live testimony by an employer who was kidnapped by terrorist organizations and who suffered torture until the Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate him and another testimony by a daughter of a worker who was martyred while doing his job as well as a testimony by one of the workers who lost one of his legs in a terrorist attack.



In the second session of the forum, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Faysal al-Mikdad affirmed the importance of solidarity among the peoples and the working forces of the world to mobilize potentials in the confrontation of the coercive measures imposed by the United States against their countries.

He added that true solidarity among peoples is necessary because the western governments are trying to undermine the remaining values of justice, pointing out that over the past eight years, Syria has been facing an aggression by world imperialist forces which have made alliances with terrorists and sent them to the country to undermine the aspirations of the Syrians.

According to al-Mikdad, this imperialist war on Syria has aimed at destroying it because of its resistance to US and Zionist schemes in the region, because of its support for the Palestinian people's cause and because it is working to liberate the occupied Syrian Golan from the Zionist occupation.

He explained the destructive role played by the Turkish regime alongside imperialism over the past years of war on Syria. Such a sinister Turkish role has been represented in facilitating the infiltration of more than 200 thousand terrorists into the Syrian territory, he said, pointing out that the American invasion of Iraq and what happened in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have been part of this imperialist scheme.

He stressed that the countries that have been supporting terrorism won't be safe from the American and Israeli schemes in the region. "If they think so they are mistaken, because the united States doesn't respect even the closest friends who pay it billions of dollars and it won't accept the presence of a strong country that resists its plots in the region.

Participants in the second and third dialogue sessions of the forum rejected the economic siege imposed on Syria and the interventionist policy of world imperialism, affirming that meeting in Syria indicates its victory over terrorism and that Syria will emerge stronger from the crisis.

They called on all organizations to coordinate with the media to help it play a key role in changing the public opinion, thereby affecting decision making of some governments.

They thanked the countries which supported Syria in it war on terrorism while highly appreciating the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in defense of its homeland and people.

Hamda Mustafa