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Terrorist organizations seek to torpedo the de-escalation ceasefire agreement

On the 10th day of the de-escalation ceasefire agreement which is still in effect, al-Nusra Front terrorists yesterday stepped up their violations at the lines of contact with the Syrian army, according to the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper.
The paper quoted a field source as saying that the army units responded to the sources of fire in different areas in the south and south-east sides of Idleb and in the north-west side of Hama and north-east side of Lattakia without using airplanes. 
"The terrorists seek through their escalated violations to torpedo the agreement  as they delude themselves into believing they could be steadfast in the forthcoming battles after they set up new defense lines," the source added, asserting that the Syrian army can change the field map and recapture the Hama-Aleppo main road and all towns in the region as soon as the military leadership gives the order.
Opposition media sources close to the so-called the 'National Liberation Front', the largest Turkish militia in Idleb , said that the al-Nusra Front terrorists'  recent  escalation is an attempt to create a false victory after their defeat before reaching the ceasefire agreement.
The sources have not ruled out the involvement of Syria's al-Qaeda branch in one of fighting axis to restore its lost prestige , but the al-Furat Front is in a state of isolation because of its decision to be the only decision-maker in military operation centers.
Moreover, an opposition source closed to the so-called the 'Ahrar al-Sharqeyeh' , one of the Turkish-backed militias, told the paper that a high-ranking Turkish officer told them in a meeting held two days ago in the occupied al-Raei town that the priority in the agenda of the Turkish army and the militias of the so-called 'Euphrates Shield' and Olive Branch'  is the operations in the east of Euphrates and not in Idleb.
Basma Qaddour