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Syria Voices Support for Nicaragua's Efforts to Restore Stability in the Country

GENEVA, (ST)- Syria stresses its full solidarity with the Nicaraguan government and people in their efforts to restore political, social and economic stability in the country, according to Syria's Permanent Representative at the United Nations in Geneva Husam Eddin Ala.

In a statement on Tuesday during the meeting of the Human Rights Council, dedicated for discussing the High commissioner of Human Rights on the situation in Nicaragua, Ala reiterated Syria's rejection of selectivity and politicization in the work of the council.

 He said that Syria condemns using human rights as a tool to violate countries' sovereignty, interfere in their internal affairs and target their legitimate governments based on misleading information, stressing that these attempts create humanitarian crises and worsen living and economic conditions in the targeted countries.

 Ala called for supporting Nicaragua to help it surpass the ongoing crisis through dialogue away from foreign interference attempts that aim at destabilizing the country.

He urged the high commissioner of human rights to adopt objectivity and balance and to depend on credible sources of information in his reports.

Hamda Mustafa