Defense Minister: October Liberation War will remain a torch that will light the way for us

On October 6, Syria’s Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Army and the Armed Forces, Defense Minister, Gen. Ali Abullah Ayoub said that October Liberation War is a bright page in the modern history of Arab world.

“The meanings of October Liberation War will remain a torch that illuminates the road and enhances the spirit of resistance in our consciences,” General Ayoub said in a telephone conversation with Syrian Satellite Channel on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the October Liberation War.

On the role of our armed forces in the face of the terrorist war on Syria, General Ayoub said that our valiant armed forces succeeded in battle and were able to withstand and achieve victories over terrorist organizations.

General Ayoub noted the strong relations between Syria and a number of friendly and resistant countries, especially Russia and Iran which stand with Syria in the face of takfiri terrorism.
General Ayoub saluted all the employees of Syria’s national media for their continuous efforts.
“We pledge our people and our President Bashar al-Assad, to remain faithful to the oath we have sworn in protecting the homeland, ensuring its security and stability and preserving the dignity of its people,” General Ayoub concluded.
O. al-Mohammad