SDF militia falls into US trap

The U.S. occupation troops have evacuated 2 of their posts in Raas El-Ein and Tal Abyad areas in the northeastern Syria, withdrawing some troops to Rmelan area, according to the Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel.

The TV channel added that the ‘Democratic Union Party’ forced its supporters and shops’ owners and workers in the so-called “self-administration” areas to demonstrate in al-Arqam town against Washington’s moving aside for an expected Turkish assault in the north of Syria.  

It affirmed that the “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia [Its Arabic acronym is QASAD] has prevented Ras El-Ein residents from leaving their homes in order to use them as human shields if the Turkish occupation forces launch an assault on the region.

The Turkish regime’s head Racep Tayyib Erdogan’s recent declaration before the Justice and Development Party about Trump’s decision to pull back his troops from the east of Euphrates caused anxiety in the so-called the self-Administration border areas that extends from Raes El-Ein to Tal Abyad.

The SDF militia, which reportedly has 60.000 total fighters, fell into the American trap as Washington abandoned them.

The US officials declared that Turkey will be responsible for the destiny of ISIS prisoners in the SDF-held areas if Ankara carries out the invasion in the north of Syria.    

In this context, the Damascus-based al-Watan newspaper quoted the spokesman of the Turkish-backed ‘National Army’ militia as saying that 14.000 fighters from its members are ready to be involved in the forthcoming Turkish army operations to set up the so-called the safe-zone.

US Administration officials were quoted today on the ‘New York Times’ newspaper as saying that the 100 to 150 United States military personnel deployed to that area would be pulled back in advance of any Turkish operation but that they would not be completely withdrawn from Syria.

“Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria,” the White House said in a statement released just before 11 p.m. in Washington. According to the statement “the United States Armed Forces will not support or be involved in the operation, and United States forces, having defeated the ISIS territorial ‘Caliphate,’ will no longer be in the immediate area.”

Tens of media reprorts confirmed that the US occupation forces have backed and protected ISIS terrorists in Syria.

An American official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe a fluid military situation, said that American forces were pulling back from northeast Syria to “get out of the way.”

Basma Qaddour