Syria has signed many legal documents and treaties aiming at enhancing global nuclear security: Sabbagh

VIENNA, (ST)- Syria has stressed that it pays special attention to all international legal documents that enhance global nuclear security, starting from its belief that nuclear security in any country must be this country's responsibility.

This was stated by Syria's Permanent Representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Bassam Sabbagh during the  International Conference on Nuclear Security currently held by  the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna.

Sabbagh said that the trafficking of nuclear materials or the use of any other radioactive elements in criminal or terrorist acts poses serious threat to global security, especially because such violations have become a cross-border activity.

 He added that this threat has grown with the spread of information technology and cyber crime, calling for collective measures to confront this danger.

Sabbagh went on to say that Syria has signed many documents and treaties aiming at supporting the mechanisms of maintaining nuclear security.

He welcomed the ministerial statement adopted by the conference and expressed hope that the statement's items will be implemented by all the IAEA member countries in order to attain nuclear security.

Sabbagh said that in order to achieve effective implementation of the statement's, several procedures must be taken into consideration. 

 The member states should implement all the international legal documents and agreements on nuclear security, thereby greatly contributing to preventing terrorist and criminal networks from obtaining nuclear materials, Sabbagh said.

He added that the IAEA should ensure equal opportunities to all member countries to obtain necessary expertise in the domain of nuclear security in a way that enables these countries to build and develop their capabilities and that helps them establish sustainable and comprehensive national infrastructure for nuclear security.

According to Sabbagh, among other procedures that should be taken into consideration is that nuclear security measures must not hamper the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and must not prevent international cooperation in this respect.

He called for cooperation among the member states in enhancing nuclear security and the nuclear non-proliferation system in order to achieve international peace and security.

The International Conference on Nuclear Security kicked off yesterday in the Austrian capital with the participation of 57 ministers and high-ranking delegations representing 130 countries, including Syria, in addition to more than 2000 nuclear security experts.

The event will last till February 14th.

Hamda Mustafa