Turkish regime's threats could be made only by a person lost touch with reality

DAMASCUS, (ST)_Syria has affirmed that the Turkish regime's threat to attack the Syrian army soldiers could be made only by a person who has lost touch with reality.

In a statement released today by a source at the Ministry of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs, Syria said that the empty remarks of the Turkish regime's head have come after the collapse of the terrorist groups he has trained and supported to attack the Syrian army.

"The Turkish regime's remarks came also after unveiling the reality of his role as an international terrorist tool and US puppet. His remarks could only be made by a person who has lost touch with reality and does not realize what is going on," the source added.

It affirmed that the Turkish regime's army and terrorists received a painful blow in Syria.

The source reiterated that the Syrian Arab Republic will go ahead with its national and constitutional duty related to fighting terrorist groups in all Syrian territories and opening humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave terrorist-held areas.

It asserted that the Turkish-backed terrorist groups prevent civilians from moving towards safe areas in order to hold them as human shields.

"The Syrian Arab Republic reaffirms that the presence of the Turkish forces in Syria is illegal and violates the international law," the source said, indicating that the Turkish regime will be completely responsible for  the repercussions of the presence of it troops in Syria.

Basma Qaddour