Al-Jaafari: Syria always explains to UN the disastrous impacts of the western coercive measures on the daily life of 24 million Syrians

DAMASCUS, (ST)- Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari has stressed the need to put an end to the economic, commercial, financial and health terrorism represented by the unilateral coercive measures imposed by Western countries on Syria.

During a Security Council session on the humanitarian situation in Syria via video Tuesday evening, al-Jaafari said that Syria has repeatedly called on the UN and the Security Council to work so as to lift the illegal, coercive economic measures imposed by some UN member states on the Syrian people and on the peoples of other friendly countries. He pointed out that these calls have received a positive response by the UN Chief and senior UN officials, but the United States and its allies have tried to foil all the initiatives that include calls for lifting the sanctions and for putting an end to catastrophic impacts of such coercive measures on the ability of the health and service sectors in the targeted countries to confront the spread of coronavirus epidemic. 

US extended the unfair coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians

Not only that, al-Jaafari said, but the US administration has extended the unfair coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians in a further blatant violation of the international law, as well as the UN Charter and resolutions and regardless of all the calls for lifting this blockade.

The senior Syrian diplomat affirmed that Syria has repeatedly explained to the Security Council the disastrous impacts of the coercive economic measures on the daily life of 24 million Syrians and on the ability of the state institutions to carry out their missions properly, pointing out that coronavirus crisis has added more challenges and difficulties.

 Al-Jaafari reiterated that the illegal coercive economic measures imposed on Syria are an attempt to circumvent the legitimacy of the Security Council aiming at undermining the sovereignty of the Syrian state.

He called on the United Nations not to participate in conferences like the international donors’ conference in Brussels, because such conferences serve the agendas of some organizing countries and politicize humanitarian action. 

"Jabhat Al-Nusra" and its affiliated terror groups reorganize their forces  to launch more attacks on Syrian army

Regarding the terrorist organizations fighting the Syrian government, Al-Jaafari said that "Jabhat Al-Nusra" terror organization and its affiliated groups have reorganized their forces in areas they control in the northwest of Syria to launch more terrorist attacks. He added that the most recent of these attacks was launched by the Turkish-backed “Hurras al-Din” and the “Turkistan Party” terror groups on the Syrian Arab Army’s checkpoints in al-Tanjara village near Sahl al-Ghab and claimed the lives of scores of soldiers and wounded many others.

He went on to say that the terrorists of the Turkish-backed “Turkistan Party” destroyed the tower of Zeizoun Thermal Power Plant in Idleb countryside, with a value of $44 million, after they had cooperated with Turkish technicians to loot the plant’s equipments, which value at $660 million, and move them to Turkey.

Turkish occupation deprives the Syrians from water 

Al-Jaafari went on to say that the Turkish regime continues to violate its obligations under the international law and the international water and rivers agreements through building the “Elisso Dam” on the Tigris River.  He made it clear that this move deprives millions of Syrians and Iraqis from benefiting from water for years.

The Turkish regime also continues to use water as a weapon against civilians in the Syrian city of Hasaka and its vicinity by cutting water supplies from Alouk water station, thereby depriving a million Syrians from drinking water, describing this Turkish behavior as a war crime and a crime against humanity.  

In addition, Al-Jaafari said that the US occupation forces impeded the work of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in the northeast part of Syria and sought to replace it with other illegal organizations that are not recognized by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

He also said that the Turkish regime incites the terrorist organizations against the Syrian Arab Red Crescent and urges them to prevent humanitarian aid deliveries from inside the country to reach their destinations and creating pretexts for extending the so-called “humanitarian aid” across borders.

Complete cooperation with Syrian government necessary to improve the humanitarian situation in Syria

“Improving the humanitarian situation in Syria necessitates complete cooperation and coordination with the Syrian government, halting politicization of humanitarian action, abandoning the policy of sanctions and lifting the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria,” al-Jaafari concluded.

 Hamda Mustafa