US occupation forces in Hasaka countryside trying to abuse children

Locals in Hasaka countryside have complained to Hasaka Police Department that US occupation soldiers are trying to abuse their children by luring them with money in exchange for indecent acts.

Syria Insider facebook page yesterday published a memo issued by the Hasaka Police Command saying that some locals in Tal Hamis town filed a complaint saying that their children informed them that US soldiers at the checkpoints they have built near Harir Bridge in the town, have tried to abuse them while crossing the checkpoints. The soldiers tried to offer the children money for doing immoral acts, but the children fled and threw stones at the soldiers.

According to the memo, from these  children- Sa'd al Barhu, 11 years old, and his brother Seif al- Barhu, 9 years old- said that while they were swimming along with other children in a waterway near Tal Hamis town, when a U S occupation military vehicle arrived in the site and stopped at the bridge over the waterway. They added that a number of soldiers get out of the vehicle and made several immoral signs in front of them to lure them to do indecent acts for some dollars. The children felt afraid, fled from the place and threw stones at the US soldiers.

Hamda Mustafa