Festivity marks 100th anniversary of Maysaloon Battle (2)

Damascus (ST): Marking the 100th anniversary of Maysaloon Battle, a festivity was held at the National Al-Assad Library. The participants focused on the personal and military life of Martyr Yousef al-Azmeh reminding us  of the heroic deeds of  Al-Azmeh in confronting occupation and adopting resistance as a way of  dignified life.

  Head of the Syrian Revolution Men's League said that Maysaloon Battle was the gate of dignity for Syrian people, noting that the late al-Azmeh worked hard for establishing  the Syrian Arab army because he believed that the army is the immune fence of the country.

Researcher Dr. Fandi Abu Fakher reviewed the biography of the late al-Azmeh whose decision to wage Maysaloon Battle was a lighthouse that guided the way for Syrian people to press ahead with resistance acts until the attainment of independence.

Dr. Mohammad al-Hourani said that Maysaloon Battle has founded the path of resistance in the modern Arab history.

Director of al-Assad Library Iyad Murshed said that the late al-Azmeh had chosen martyrdom and sacrifice to resist Sykes Picot Accords.