“Creator, Creation and American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" a new book by a wounded retired Syrian officer

 Brigadier General Hashem Hammad Jdid reviewed in his recently published book “Creator, Creation and the American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" the   wars, colonization and conflicts which targeted the Arab and Islamic nations over a period of about three hundred years.

The 600-page book pointed to the negative effects of these wars and conflicts on national and Arab thought reaching   the terrorism of the current era  ,which aims at  killing and destruction .

During the signing ceremony of the book  at Tartous governorate building , the writer Jdid  told reporters  “ the preparation of the book began in 1985 and were completed this year.  The book  is an important publication now in redirecting  regional and national awareness of  the new generation which has been subjected to  a lot  of colonial wars and repeated crises." 

 The book includes three parts, the first of which carries the title of religion and Islamic history, while the second talks about the Wahhabi movement and the Muslim Brotherhood organization and then the Arab nationalists and American policy towards the Arab world.

The third part dealt with the American aggression against  Arab countries and Muslims in the 21st century, and the writer depended  on many Political, Islamic, national and historical references.

The book, published by Dar Al-Ghanem for Culture , includes  also a historical document dating back to 1920 that reveals a conspiracy to destroy the Arab and Muslim countries in addition to agreements such as "Sykes-Picot" and the establishment of the Zionist occupation entity in 1948 by  European complicity.

On his part ,  Head of the Writers Union Branch in Tartous Mohieddin Mohammad stressed this book is of great importance in exposing   the colonial West's role  against principles, social and human principles as well as  other hostile  regimes’  policies  which aim  at spreading discrimination. 

Rawaa Ghanam