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US-backed militia kidnaps civilians and burns their houses in Syria’s Der Ezzour

US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia has carried out storming campaigns and kidnapped a number of civilians in al-Shuhail city in the southeastern countryside of Der Ezzour, as protests demand the expulsion of  that militia and the US occupation forces from the region.
According to local sources, the SDF militia [Its Arabic Acronym is QASAD] stormed the houses of the citizens in al-Shuhail city, kidnapped a number of civilians and set up several checkpoints inside the city in an attempt to control the protests that many villages and towns in Deir Ezzor countryside are witnessing demanding the expulsion of the militia and its US master.
The sources pointed out that the militia burnt a number of the citizens’ houses in al-Shuhail city in retaliation against those who demonstrated in protests against its criminal practices.
During the last two days, the SDF militia imposed siege on al-Shuhail, al-Busayrah, al-Hawaij and Dhiban towns in Deir Ezzor countryside, and brought military convoys to al-Shuhail city, imposed a curfew and kidnapped a number of civilians.
Basma Qaddour