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First grain-loaded train arrives in Damascus countryside coming from Tartous after 9-year hiatus

DAMASCUS COUNTRYSIDE, (ST)- Following a nine-year hiatus, the first train, loaded with grains, arrived on Saturday in Sbeineh town in Damascus countryside coming from the Syrian coastal city of Tartous.

The trip marks the resumption of railway transportation between Damascus on the one hand and the central and coastal region on the other, mainly to deliver food materials.

Transport Minister Ali Hammoud said in a statement that the train kicked off its trip from Tartous Airport loaded with a thousand tons of grain and arrived this morning at Sbeineh silos in the countryside of Damascus marking the resumption of railway transportation.

 He pointed out that, thanks to the efforts of the workers and technical staff at the General Establishment for Railways and the General Company for Railways Construction, the railway extending from al-Nasiriyah in Damascus countryside to Al Sbeineh area was rehabilitated and maintained within a month.

Hamda Mustafa