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Restoration work for the western section of Al Zahrawi Palace starts in Homs

The Department of Antiquities in Homs has begun a project to restore and rehabilitate the western section of Al-Zahrawi Palace in the Old City, which will be dedicated to the Museum of Folklore.

Engineer Hussam Hamish, head of the Antiquities Department in Homs, stated to SANA that the project, which amounts to SYP 20 million, includes restoring the walls and ceilings and reinforcing the main hall separating the western and eastern sections of the palace, re-installing the doors and windows according to the photos and plans kept by the department to preserve the archaeological and historical aesthetic of the palace.

Hamish pointed out that the palace was looted, vandalized and burned by armed terrorist groups that were stationed in the old city, adding that the current restoration and rehabilitation project is the second for the palace, as the first project, which was implemented in 2014, included restoring the domes and reinforcing all parts that were about to fall.

Hamish clarified  that Al-Zahrawi Palace is one of the important archaeological palaces in the city of Homs, which dates back to the Mamluki period, noting that, in Homs, there is also the palace of Moufeed Al-Amin, which dates back to the same historical period, and Farkouh Palace, which is one of the private archaeological buildings .

It is worth noting that the project to restore and rehabilitate the western section of Al Zahrawi Palace, which is located on an area of 350 meters, will last for three months.

Amal Farhat