Health Ministry: 19 new Coronavirus cases, 8 patients recovered , 2 passed away

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday  the registration of 19 new cases of coronavirus in Syria , while 8 patients have recovered and two have passed away..

The Ministry indicated in a statement to SANA  that the total  number of  Coronavirus  recorded in Syria has reached 757 , of which  237 have recovered and 43 have died.

The first infection with the Corona virus in Syria was recorded on the  22nd  of last March for a person  who had come  from abroad , while  the first death  caused by the virus was registered on March 29th. 


Rawaa Ghanam

President Al-Assad Receives cable of congratulations from the Minister of Endowments on the occasion of Eid al-Adha

Damascus, (ST) - President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday received a cable of congratulations from Minister of Endowments (Awqaf), Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar Al-Sayyid, on the occasion of the holy Eid Al-Adha. The Minister hoped that peace and security will prevail in Syria and all over the country.

The Minister of Endowments expressed on behalf of the scholars and employees of the Ministry of Awqaf and its religious institutions heartfelt  congratulations  to President Assad, praying for God to keep Syria and its people, having mercy on  the martyrs and hoping for the recovery of the wounded.

The occupied Golan is a Syrian land and the West practices double standards, says Zmitko

Prague, (ST) The former head of the Central Central Control Board of the Moravian Czech Communist Party, Otakar Zmitko, stressed that the Golan was Syrian land which was occupied by the Israeli entity in flagrant violation of international law.He criticized the double standards adopted by the West on this issue.

He said in an article published by the Czech newspaper, Halo Novini today that "the annexation of the Golan took place within the framework of expansionist plans for the Israeli entity, which also includes the seizure of more West Bank lands, but the West remains silent in the face of these illegal practices."

Huge number of human organs found in one of terrorists' hideouts in Syria

Syrian army units in cooperation with residents found a huge number of human organs  saved inside transparent bottles including chloroform in one the hideouts of terrorists in Ghadfeh village in Maarret al-Noaman region in south Idlib. 
According to the Syrian News Agency (SANA), one of the doctors turned a home, located 10 km to the east of Maarret al-Noaman into a laboratory where human organs, including heads, eyes, hearts and other organs were saved in bottles. 

“Creator, Creation and American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" a new book by a wounded retired Syrian officer

 Brigadier General Hashem Hammad Jdid reviewed in his recently published book “Creator, Creation and the American Wars against Arabs and Muslims in the 21st Century" the   wars, colonization and conflicts which targeted the Arab and Islamic nations over a period of about three hundred years.

The 600-page book pointed to the negative effects of these wars and conflicts on national and Arab thought reaching   the terrorism of the current era  ,which aims at  killing and destruction .

During the signing ceremony of the book  at Tartous governorate building , the writer Jdid  told reporters  “ the preparation of the book began in 1985 and were completed this year.  The book  is an important publication now in redirecting  regional and national awareness of  the new generation which has been subjected to  a lot  of colonial wars and repeated crises."