Syria beats Armenia in the opening match of the International School Debate Championship

The Syrian team beat its Armenian counterpart in the opening match of the world championships for remote school debates organized by Mexico for secondary school students, which will last until the twenty-fourth of this month, with the participation of more than 65 countries.

Naboug Yassin, director of the Syrian Scientific Olympiad, stated in a statement to SANA that the debates taking place in the English language continue for the second day, as the first round includes six games of one hour each, and the team must win at least four games to ensure qualification to the second round and reach the final debate.

The Syrian team includes students, Ibrahim Al-Quseir, Carla Armoush, Naya Kayali, YasmineHatem, and Alma Midani, in addition to the coach and referee Yahya Simon.

The opening of Mar Elias Cathedral in Aleppo, after rebuilding due to the damage caused by terrorism

On July 20, the inauguration of Mar Elias cathedral was celebrated in the city of Aleppo after its rebuilding and restoration from the damage caused by the terrorist organizations’attacks.

The celebration included the presentation of a short film on the damage caused to the cathedral by terrorist attacks and efforts made to restore it, which included restoration of the construction of some of the damaged walls and wooden ceiling.

The Archbishop of Aleppo of the Maronites Archbishop Mar Youssef Toubaji said that the rebuilding of the cathedral is a message to the world that life is stronger than death and that goodness overcomes evil and peace triumphs over war.

Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections: big number of people participate in the People's Assembly elections

 Head of the Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections, Judge Samer Zamreeq, affirmed that the wide participation in the elections of the People's Assembly in its third legislative term is good, indicating that the participation rate does not appear until the end of the poll.

In a statement to reporters today at the media center in the Ministry of Information, Zamreeq said that the election process is good and if a number of citizens are not able to vote until seven o’clock due to the measures taken to tackle the Corona epidemic, then the voting period can be extended by a maximum of five hours. So the necessity is what determines if there is need for an extension or not.

Holding parliamentary elections reflects Syria's rejection of foreign intervention in its internal affairs

Prime Minister Hussien Arnos, Assistant Secretary General of the Arab Socialist Baath Party (ASBP) Hlal Hlal and several ministers and members of the ASBP's Central Leadership have casted their votes in Parliamentary elections for the third legislative term, according to the Syrian News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted the premier after he voted today at the headquarters of the cabinet as saying: "The elections of the People's Assembly [parliament] constitute a message to the whole world that Syria moves firmly towards obtaining a complete victory over terrorism. These elections also represent a real response to all those who have conspired against the country."

Opening ballot boxes to voters in all electoral centers to elect members of the People's Assembly for the third legislative term

The Supreme Judicial Committee for Elections announced this morning the opening of ballot boxes for voters in all electoral centers in the governorates to elect members of the People's Assembly for the third legislative term.

The Syrians will participate in the elections  to choose 250 members representing them in the People’s Assembly from 1,656 candidates, including 200 women candidates, through 7,277 centers in all governorates.

In Damascus, Judge Hossam El Din Rahmoun, head of the Judicial Subcommittee for Elections, confirmed taking all necessary measures for the smooth running of the electoral process.