Damascus History Foundation- Correcting Biography of Rafiq Shykry on Arabic Wikipedia

In accordance with Bilad al-Sham WikiMedia, History of Damascus Foundation continues to improve the digital content related to the history of the city of Damascus on the Global Arabic Encyclopedia Wikipedia. In this respect, it has corrected the biography of the Syrian singer Rafiq Shukry, who was one of Damascus Broadcast’s founders.

According to Damascus History Foundation, Rafiq Shukry (1923-1969), who was very famous in the fifties of last century, was born in the Damascene neighborhood of Midan. He received his education in Damascene  schools and showed an interest in folk music, playing the oud in the style of Egyptian musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab, which brought him fame in the Damascene community.

Google & Apple remove Palestine from their maps in a new crime to forge history

Occupied Jerusalem (ST): In a new crime to forge historical facts and in complete bias towards the Zionist entity, Google and Apple have officially removed Palestine from their world maps and replaced it with Israel in a highly provocative move that has enraged Palestinians, Arabs and social media activists supporting the cause of Palestine. 

Member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Wasel Abu Yousef said that removing the name of Palestine from  Google and Apple came within the framework of the American Israeli Zionist plan to pass the so-called deal of the century and omit the Palestinian existence, stressing that all attempts against the Palestinian people’s rights are doomed to failure. He demanded to try Google and Apple legally because their move runs contrary to the UN resolutions.

Syria & Russia call on the US to withdraw from areas it occupies in Syria

Moscow (ST): The Syrian and Russian Coordination Committees on the return of the displaced Syrians have reiterated that the US and its allies’ occupation of some Syrian territories exacerbates  the suffering of civilians. The committees  demanded  Washington to stop destabilizing the situation in Syria, and to commit to international law and the UN principles and pull out from the areas it occupies.

In a joint statement, the two committees called on the United States to halt its practices that  aim at destabilizing the situation in Syria and strictly commit to international law, stressing that the US and its allies’ occupation of some Syrian territories worsens the suffering of civilians and postpones the return of peaceful life to the country.

Syria Participates in the World School Debating championships 2020 in Mexico

For the second year in a row, Syria will participate  via internet  in the World  School Debating championships ( WSDC )  2020 in  Mexico..

The WSDC , which  will be held  from 19-24 July  with the participation of 75 countries, is an annual English-language debating tournament for high school level teams representing different countries.

The Distinction  and Creativity Authority stated in a statement , which  SANA  received a copy on Thursday ,  that the Syrian team participating in the championship consists of five members ,  the coach and referee.

 The statement  indicated that the debates will be in  English, where the first round includes six  tournaments .  The duration of each one is one hour.  The team must win at least four tournaments  to ensure qualification to the second round and reach the final debate.

Moscow: Some Western countries use humanitarian aid to Syria for political purposes

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned against politicizing the issue of delivering humanitarian aid to Syria, noting that this mechanism is being used by some Western countries to realize political purposes in contradiction with the principle of respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

“The situation in Syria has changed radically during the six years since laying out the  mechanism of the delivery of humanitarian aid.  The Syrian government has restored  the largest part of the country’s territory and it is actively contributing to providing assistance to its citizens. So Russia believes that it is pointless to extend this temporary and emergency measure, which is manifested in the mechanism of delivering humanitarian aid indefinitely,” according to a statement released at the Ministry’s website on Wednesday. .

The statement pointed out that the deliberations that took place in the UN Security Council on the eleventh of July in this regard showed that there are problems among Western countries with regard to respecting the norms and principles of international humanitarian law. These countries worked to extend the delivery mechanism of humanitarian aid and to continue the imposition of  unilateral coercive measures on Syria in order to increase the suffering of the Syrians, in contrast to the UN Secretary-General's call to alleviate this in light of the spread of Corona Virus pandemic.