Without the agreement of its neighbors, Ethiopia begins filling the Renaissance Dam

On July 15, Ethiopia officially announced the start of filling and storing water in the Renaissance Dam, after the end of the tripartite negotiations between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, which continued for 12 days under the auspices of the African Union without ever reaching an agreement on the Dam.

Ethiopian Minister of Irrigation, Water and Energy Silici Bekele stated that the start of operations to fill the Renaissance Dam, so, leaving the door open to continuing negotiations

Bekele said that negotiations on the Renaissance Dam are continuing not only for the current generation, but for the benefit of future generations, indicating that it was agreed on some points during the meeting with Egypt and Sudan.

If Lemon is Expensive- Unripe Grapes (Hosrum) Will Do the Job!

What is unique about Syrians is that they may lose their temper, but they will never lose their hope in the future. They resist and they are resilient too! You find them drawing from their glorious past and extensive traditions in search for means to survive with dignity. Unfortunately, the current coercive economic sanctions have added more pressure on the ordinary Syrian cuisine, already suffering from the long war’s repercussions.

However, Syrians find creative solutions in resorting to their rich environment to maintain their meals as balanced with five tastes: sweet, sour, pungent, salty and bitter. Unripe grapes (Hosrum) is getting renewed attention, making a comeback on the food scene. In the absence of lemon, what is a better alternative than Hosrum!

Associated with the early summer season, unripe grape juice (Hosrum)is used as an acidic addition to food that substitutes lemon, which has become a scarcity because of the sanctions that contribute to a steep rise in prices.

Military experts say Turkish occupation implicated in targeting Russian servicemen near Ariha city

Military experts have stated that signs indicate the implication of the Turkish occupation’s intelligence in an attack that yesterday targeted Russian soldiers within a joint Russian-Turkish patrol near the bridge of Ariha city on the “M4” highway- the section that connects Aleppo to Lattakia.

The attack has resulted in injuring 3 Russian soldiers and damaging their vehicles.

The experts told Syrian “Al-Watan Online” newspaper that by launching this attack, the Turkish regime aims at halting the conduct of joint patrols with Russia in order to delay the opening of the international road between Aleppo and Lattakia to traffic, contrary to the provisions of the "Moscow" agreement which is an additional protocol to the "Sochi" agreement between Russia and Turkey regarding the de-escalation zone in Idlib.

Syrian youth George Marrash wins the World Ten Outstanding Young Persons Competition

Syrian youth George Marrash  has recently won the world  Ten Outstanding  Young Persons  ( TOYP )  Competition  , which was  held by the  Junior International  Chamber (JCI ) ..

The young Marrash  won the category  of "Contributing to Children's Peace, Global  Peace and Human Rights" due to his active contribution in the field of community development.

The winner Marrash  told SANA   that he  had started volunteering   as a facilitator of teenagers  Clubs in Damascus countryside before he contributed to the establishment of the "Peace Makers “ Civil Society  Association in Lattakia.

Ministry of Transport: Next Thursday as the date for the flight to transport the Syrian citizens stranded in Erbil, Iraq

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Transport has scheduled the flight for the evacuation of Syrian nationals from the city of Erbil in Iraq next Thursday, the 16th of this month.

The Ministry called in a statement that SANA received a copy of that the Ministry called passengers to be present at Erbil Airport before a sufficient time period, and to adhere to wearing masks and gloves on board the plane and the airport ground.

The Ministry indicated in a statement yesterday that the flight will transport 250 Syrian citizens stuck in Erbil to Damascus International Airport, calling on those who wish to return to review the Syrian Aviation Office in Erbil.