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Death toll from Beirut explosion rises to 154

Beirut (ST): Lebanese Minister of Public Health Hamad Hasan announced that the death toll from Beirut Port Explosion, which occurred last Tuesday, rose to 154 deaths and thousands of wounded.

Meeting an Algerian medical delegation, Hasan said that the victims of the blast rose to 154, adding that 20 % of the wounded, who amount to 5000 in number, need time to recover.

Apollo statue in a Asria Temple ... a unique Syrian icon in the region

The Statue of Apollo, the God of music and literature  for the Greeks which was discovered at Asria, East of Salmiya city, is one of the most important statues found in the east for this Greek god.

The statue which  exists today in Damascus National Museum, was made in  the form of a graceful and handsome young man. It was found along with a broken lyre  by a German expedition that excavated in Asria Temple between 1991 and 1992.

Archaeological researcher Dr. Khaled Kiwan explains that the statue, which is 53 centimeters high,  made of bronze , has been cleaned and is now displayed in one of the stands of Damascus National Museum, indicating that Apollo, which is the equivalent of the Palmyrian god, Nebo in ancient Syria, is also the god of prediction,  which explains the dedication of Asria Temple to the prophecies.

US-backed militia kidnaps civilians and burns their houses in Syria’s Der Ezzour

US-backed “Syrian Democratic Forces” militia has carried out storming campaigns and kidnapped a number of civilians in al-Shuhail city in the southeastern countryside of Der Ezzour, as protests demand the expulsion of  that militia and the US occupation forces from the region.
According to local sources, the SDF militia [Its Arabic Acronym is QASAD] stormed the houses of the citizens in al-Shuhail city, kidnapped a number of civilians and set up several checkpoints inside the city in an attempt to control the protests that many villages and towns in Deir Ezzor countryside are witnessing demanding the expulsion of the militia and its US master.

75 years ago, the US committed war crime against the Japanese people

Seventy-five years ago, the United States committed war crimes against the Japanese people on a scale that was previously unimaginable in human history.

On August 6, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Three days later, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on a second Japanese city, Nagasaki.

Czech official calls for imposing siege on Israel in retaliation against its crimes

Member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Czech-Moravian Trade Unions Gathering Martin Bis on Thursday said that the recent missile attack launched by the Israeli enemy on Syria represents the criminal nature of the Israeli policy.

In a statement to the correspondent of the Syrian News Agency (SANA) in Prague, Bis added that Israel has a Zionist and racist ideology and it violates human rights.