Despite crisis, Syrian-made clothes to be exported

Syrian economy growth has been recently hit hard because of the foreign-backed terrorist groups' sabotage and destruction acts in Syria , not to mention the unjust  sanctions imposed on it by the Arab League, US, and the European Union.

Trade value in 2012

Official statements show serious negative effects on trade value pointing out that "until August 2012, the weight of Syrian exports estimated about 2.557 billion kg (of the value SP 117.6 million) against 8.173 billion kg (of the value SP. 294.6 m) in comparison with the same month in 2011.

While, the value of imports from January to August 2012 reached SP 620.8 million against SP 664 million in the previous year, according to the index of export and import published by the Syrian official "al-Thawra" Newspaper.

Prices increased

As for prices, they increased by 32.5 percent from May 2011 to May 2012, and 15.4 percent since the beginning of the year, according to official Syrian statistics.

Regarding production and internal trade, all sources stress that it is getting worse due to recent events in Aleppo and Damascus, the two important centers for production in Syria.

30% of workshops closed

Damascus Chamber of Commerce member Sonia Khanji told "alwatan" newspaper that about 30 percent of Syria's small and medium business had been closed, resulting in higher unemployment, which stands at about 25 percent.

Gradual improvement

However, a few businessmen have decided this month to resume work as remittances and transport between the capital (Damascus) and the industrial city (Aleppo) are somehow better than before.

The "Syriasteps" website reported that the resumption of production in some factories (without mentioning names) in these two cities synchronizes with the return of small workshops to work in Damascus countryside to produce accessories for clothes industry.


This brave step during the current situation in the country would be a unique opportunity to sell all products due to scarcity in local and export markets.

Safe roads

But, the next difficult step is to transport the goods to Syrian markets and abroad by safe roads. It's somehow difficult nowadays, because of the terrorist groups' blocking of several roads.

 Recent demands

Recently, dozens of Syrian-made winter clothes exporters have received demands from several states. The main reasons are high quality and competitive prices of the Syrian products which most Arab states including Morocco, and Egypt have got accustomed to wear.

But it wasn't easy to meet such demands and to sign contracts in Syria as unrest still hinders Arab importers' visit to Damascus and Aleppo.

Syria in Cairo Fashion

The only way was to select another place for meeting such as Cairo, where dozens of Syrian industrialists and exporters headed to take part in the 50th Cairo Fashion Tex2012 organized by Pyramids Fair Group.

The participation was the result of efforts exerted by Association of Clothes and Textile Exporters, Motex Administration, Chamber of Industry, the Commission of Supporting Exports, and the Exports' Financing Program.


Basma Qaddour