Trade & Economic Cooperation with Ukraine to be bolstered

In the light of the unjust economic sanctions and pressures against the Syrian economy, the Syrian Government is keen on adopting extraordinary measures as to overcome the bad circumstances and  protect its national economy to ensure all production requirements . 

Syria's economic current plans aim at enhancing cooperation and coordination with friendly countries, which have proved their solidarity with Syria in all fields, especially the political one.  Ukraine is considered one of these friendly countries which seeks to discuss all means of developing prospects of cooperation between Syria and Ukraine  in the benefit of the two countries.

 .For this purpose, Syria and Ukraine initialed a Free trade draft agreement last year aiming at expanding trade exchange in all fields, and at developing their cooperation with other countries. The draft agreement is of great importance in consolidating economic and trade exchange due to Syria's distinguished position on the Mediterranean Sea and Ukrainian strategic position on the Black Sea .

 The draft agreement confirms the necessity of eliminating restrictions on goods to facilitate trade exchange between Syria and Ukrainian. It stresses the essential role of constant and direct contacts between Syrian and Ukrainian experts with the aim of exchanging expertise in all fields.

 In a recent press statement. the Deputy Economy and Foreign Trade Minister, Dr. Hayyan Salman,  said that Ukraine has a big economic market within the European Union ( E U) States, and is a pioneering country in qualified industrial and scientific experts

Salman underlines that the current crisis in Syria necessitates the enhancing and developing of all means of cooperation with friendly countries.

According to the Deputy Foreign Trade Minister, there is a dire need for  an official final signing of the said draft agreement, setting –up a joint trade centre to facilitate the export-import movement between Syria and Ukrainian, asserting that Syria is keen on discussing and bolstering all means of cooperation and joint economic , trade and investment projects with  Ukraine.

Furthermore, Dr. Salman highlighted the importance of establishing   a permanent sales center of Syrian products in Ukraine, reactivating of Syrian and Ukrainian businessmen Council, and of carrying out joint economic activities and  organizing joint exhibitions.

Rawaa Ghanam