Government Plans Bolstering Economic Relations with Friendly Countries

Current crisis facing Syria has produced new economic drives and orientations. The most important among them is the economic policy towards reactivating and developing Syria's relations with friendly countries which support our regional and national issues.

Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade has recently made a special study aiming at achieving remarkable economic relations between Syria and the Customs Federation States (CFS) including Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The study concentrates at the importance of redoubling efforts as to strengthen Syria's economic relations with Eastern Countries and as well as with well-known economic blocs. It's worth  mentioning that three rounds of negotiations were held between Syrian experts and representatives of the Customs Federation states .

With regard to the business sector, the study stresses the essential role of stimulating the businessmen's meetings as well as supporting cooperation between Syria's chambers of commerce and industry to take part in the international fairs being held in the customs federation states.

The study concentrates on making use of the friendly countries technical expertise, taking into consideration the key role of  china and Russia in this connection.

The mentioned study refers to the necessity of holding investment trade and economic Forums to enhance direct contacts with the customs federation states.

With respect to the investment domain, the study confirms the necessity of carrying out investment projects in Syria with the aim of exchanging expertise in all fields.

The current period and the forthcoming days as well as sanctions against Syria require making use of the available potentials in all domains mainly the scientific research one.

Despite the unjust economic sanctions and siege imposed on Syria, big efforts are exerted to ease the siege through increasing Syrian exports, opening new markets and holding exhibitions for Syrian industries in the friendly countries.

Rawaa Ghanam