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More than 62 Iranian companies participate in Damascus International Fair

Representatives of the Iranian companies participating in the 61st Damascus International Fair expressed their confidence in the acceleration of production and the establishment of factories and productive establishments in the Syrian cities and industrial zones.

The representatives voiced their readiness to foster Syria’s national economy.

In a statement to SANA reporter, the Director of the Iranian Pavilion at Damascus International Fair Mohammad Rida Khanzadah stated that tens of Iranian companies, specialized in cars and spare parts’ industry, heavy industries, electrical appliances, construction materials, engineering services, foodstuff, insurance, medical treatment, petroleum and petrochemical,  are currently participating in the Fair.

Khanzadah confirmed that the increasing number of the foreign companies participating in the fair this year, compared with the last session, reflects Syria’s recovery and restoration of its economic development process.

Due to the close and good political and social relation between the two countries, Khanzadah underlined the necessity of boosting economic and trade cooperation between the two countries’ governments, companies and businessmen through increasing the specialized exhibitions, the exchange of expertise and signing agreements. 

Director of the company of manufacturing bread and dessert making machines in Mashhad Abu Alqassem Ishaq Abadi highlighted the Syrian Iranian advanced and steadily increased economy, underlining their readiness to foster cooperation with Syria as it is friendly country to Iran.

Abadi commended the Syrian people’s welcome to the Iranian participants, reiterating that the Syrian Iranian brotherly relations constitute an incentive for the Iranian companies to exert more efforts to support the Syrians.

Member of the Board of Directors of Dimergi Iranian Company of the production lines industry Hussein Rahmanian expressed the company’s readiness to support the Syrians in accelerating production through its 60 years experience, hoping that cooperation with companies, establishments and factories in Syria would renew its production lines.

Rahmanian noted that Iran has gone through war, the same as Syria, and was able to improve its economy again, referring to the support offered by the company to many Iranian companies and factories to go back to work, expressing trust in the soon restoration of Syrian industry better than it was.

Inas Abdulkareem