Cotton yarns company in Lattakia exports about 144 tons to foreign markets

ST- With national efforts and expertise, the General Company for Cotton Yarns in Lattakia was able to reboot in the combing  section of the cotton yarn factory with an initial production capacity of 2 tons per day of the most demanded product on the market.

On the importance of this achievement, the company's director, Dr. Yasser Diab said in a statement to the SANA that this step comes after stopping  for  several years because of  lack of suitable cotton for the production process, which was imported from abroad due to the damage of cotton  which was grown in areas attacked by terrorist groups .It is very  important  to provide  cotton material that is used  manufacturing  high quality cotton fabrics and clothing.

Diab said that the current season is promising  according to the results of recent tests conducted by the General Organization for Cotton Ginning as the main supplier of raw material for the company's work, pointing out that the aim  of the production of combed yarns is to support the local market and meet the needs of the public and private sectors to stop importing, which contributes to providing  foreign exchange.

Diab added that the total sales in  August  amounted  about 3.9 billion Syrian pounds, including export sales to Egypt and Europe which  amounted to 144 tons worth  about 140 million S.P, indicating that Egypt is a key market the disposal despite the difficulties that the external marketing operations  faced due to unfair economic sanctions imposed Syria. Aleppo and Damascus are at the forefront of the domestic consumption market.

According to Diab, the cancellation of the two-day weekend and  working in shifts  system have contributed to increasing  the  production by about 80 tons per month and increasing the company's income by at least 80 million S.P  per month.