Syria Trust for Development in Shahba provides training, funding to individuals aiming to start small businesses

SWEIDA, (ST)- The Economic Enterprises section at the Syria Trust for Development has taken effective steps to qualify and empower many citizens who seek learning and mastering a vocation or a craft that will provide them with easier access to  the job market. The trust has been working to boost the economic skills of individuals and small businesses and to enable people to own their businesses .Lina al-Maghoush, the economic enterprises coordinator at the Shahba Manara (community Center) in the Syrian province of Sweida, said that mastering a craft or a vocation that creates job opportunities is essential for development and it economically empowers both individuals and societies.

According to al-Maghoush, this section (economic enterprises) studies the needs of the local market and the available job opportunities so as to start training , qualifying and encouraging creative initiatives.

She pointed out that several training courses were held in Shahba city and the surrounding villages on bee breeding, handicrafts, mushroom farming, sewing, designing and skin care and cosmetics production. The courses targeted 158 trainees and the training ensured different job opportunities, she said.

The economic enterprises section also provides grants to individuals who want to start a private project after they had lost their works due to circumstances created by the terrorist war on Syria,  al-Maghoush went on to say.

She made it clear that those individuals receive training on how to manage their small projects, noting that the section has funded 16 small projects in Shahba city and the surrounding villages, including carpentry profession, dairy products as well as chicken, spices, clothing, pickles, household staff, pastries, vegetables and meat shops.

Ghunwa Khaddaj, a trainee, told SANA that she was turned from a housewife into a productive woman through making kids toys and marketing them on social media and selling them to shops thereby ensuring an income that helps her be economically independent and more self confident.

Syria Trust for Development aims to unleash the energy and potential of individuals and communities throughout Syria. It works with people, who are determined to transform their own lives.It provides them with the support and resources they need to realize their hopes and aspirations.

Hamda Mustafa