Syria continues to produce medical cotton despite sanctions and shortage of raw materials

The United Company for Industry & Trade has signed contracts worth 3 billion Syrian pounds  with government institutions to produce several items this year. 
Director-General of the company Mustafa Hlal told SANA that the items to be produced are medical cotton and fabrics and the value of sales hit SYP 423 million. 
"The company's production has not stopped during the Coronavirus crisis and precautionary measures have been adopted to continue the work."
"86 looms were put into service to increase the quantity of production that reached up to 882.000 meter of different types of fabrics," he added. 
The factory for medical cotton has continued to work over the past years to provide public and private hospitals with cotton. 
Since the start of this year, the factory produced 64 tons of cotton despite shortage of raw materials .
The cotton gauze factory also produced more than 3.5 million sterile pads.
Basma Qaddour