With the participation of 400 companies, the third session of the Aleppo International Fair inaugurated

Aleppo (ST): With the participation of 400 local, Arab and foreign companies and exhibitors, the activities of the third session of the Aleppo International Fair was inaugurated this evening in the Sports City of Hamdaniya and included various products for the engineering, chemical, and food industries.

In a statement to reporters,  the Minister of Industry  Ziyad Sabbagh underlined the importance of the exhibition, which expresses the return of Aleppo to its industrial glory and the rotation of the wheel of production in it, the recovery of the Syrian industry and its ability to stand again despite all the difficulties and challenges of the blockade and  occupy its natural position on the global economic map.

Sabbagh referred to the role of the national product, including the building supplies, electrical equipment and software it contains, in contributing to the reconstruction and what terrorism has destroyed through the cooperation of the public and private sectors, stressing the Ministry’s continuing work to provide everything that would stimulate the industrial sector to increase production.

In turn, Ali Nizam, Director of the Aleppo International Exhibition, pointed to the importance of the exhibition in highlighting the products of the Syrian industrialist and merchant who have proven their ability to withstand, overcome difficulties and keep pace with development in various fields, referring to the diversity of the production of the participating pavilions of engineering, metallurgical, electrical, cars, foodstuffs, clothing and textiles, which indicate the recovery of the industry.

He underlined the importance of  the participation of a delegation from  Iraq to get acquainted with  the Syrian products and contribute to achieving commercial and industrial exchange.