“Syria Plast 2021” Exhibition an opportunity to promote Syrian distinguished plastic industry

 “Syria Plast 2021”, the Second Syrian International Exhibition for Plastic Industries, is currently showcasing a variety of household, agricultural and engineering plastic products, starting from raw material to final product.

The four-day economic event, organized by Mashhadani Group for Exhibitions and Conferences in cooperation with the ministries of industry as well as economy and foreign trade, is also exhibiting plastic industry machinery, printing and packaging equipment, rubber, cork products, recycling technology, air tanks, plastic washing lines, in addition to some products of the manufacturers and importers of plastic machinery.

 “The exhibition is of great importance especially because many plastic factories have returned to production and Syria has been famous for its distinguished plastic industry since ancient times, but, due to the war on Syria and the economic sanctions, this industry has suffered from difficulties in terms of securing the raw materials needed for it and from high production costs, said Fawaz Al-Halabi, Head of the Plastic Production Committee at the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry.

A number of visitors highlighted the importance of this exhibition in promoting local products and introducing them to industrialists and traders from Syria and other countries.

Khero Al-Arfan, Head of the Retail Commerce Chamber in Jordan, told SANA that he visited the exhibition to know more about the distinguished and competitive Syrian industries. Her expressed hope that trade exchange between Syria and Jordan will increase, given the fact that the two countries are neighbors and mutual shipment is easy and inexpensive.

Alaa Wali Al-Shummari, Head of the Al-Amara Commerce Chamber in Iraq, noted the great importance of industrial exhibitions in mirroring countries’ economies and in providing opportunities for traders in neighboring countries to meet, exchange experiences and sign deals. He said that he is so enthusiastic to cooperate again with the Syrian traders and industrialists, pointing out that the Syrian industry can compete with the European one in terms of quality.

Some participants in the exhibition stressed that their participation aims at proving their strong presence as owners of the factories that continue with production despite all circumstances. They affirmed that the exhibition is an opportunity to market their products locally and regionally.

Hamda Mustafa