"Post-war Reconstruction, Strategies and Experiences" conference opened at Aleppo University

Aleppo (ST): The University of Aleppo hosted the first conference entitled “Reconstruction after the war, strategies and experiences” at the Faculty of Architecture within the framework of cooperation between the Syrian and Iranian sides on urban planning and Islamic architecture, which will last for two days.

In a statement,  the President of the University of Aleppo, Dr. Maher Karman, stressed the importance of benefiting from the experiences of the Iranian delegation in reconstructing heritage ancient cities in order to reach better results and modern and in-depth studies to rebuild the ancient city of Aleppo.


 Dr. Essam Tannous, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture in Aleppo University, indicated that the university participated in academic lectures presented by specialized professors to explain their experiences in this field and to develop a strategic vision for how to implement the steps of post-war reconstruction, pointing out that the conference includes two exhibitions documenting historical buildings in Aleppo and Iran, in addition to presenting   models executed by students that embody urban landmarks and monuments.

Dr. Nasser Sajjad of the Iranian Consulate in Aleppo, who is in charge of the Scientific Communication Office between scientific centers and universities in Syria and Iran, confirmed in a similar statement that this conference is one of the results of the connection and communication between the two sides, and with the help of scientific and university specialists, countries can solve common and similar problems in economic and political terms.

Dr. Akbar Haji Ibrahim Zargar referred to the issues raised during the conference in terms of how to rebuild Aleppo, especially in the current circumstances, stressing the importance of the reflection of Iran's experiences in Aleppo for its reconstruction and the exchange of experiences between the two sides, wishing that the work would be fruitful.