Corona reduced fishing and raised fish prices

Director General of the General Authority for Fish Wealth Abdel-Latif Ali has said  to the Syrian Al-Watan daily  that the amount of fishing  during the first three months ( January, February and March)  of this year reached  130,447 kilograms.

Ali said that the work of fishermen was clearly affected during the ban period due to the Corona crisis, noting that  sea-fishing decreased and thus the amount of fish was affected.

Ali said that although the authority continues to produce and sell fingerlings, the ban also affected the technical supervision process on fish farms permanently noting that Corona affected the work in general.

The government discusses efforts to restore the exchange rate to an acceptable level

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The government's economic team discussed during a meeting on Saturday the measures taken by the Central Bank of Syria (CBS) to control the exchange rate and restore it to an acceptable level.

During the meeting, Chaired by the newly designated Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, the team voiced support for the CBS's plan to continue  implementing measures necessary to restore the exchange rate to a normal level and to maintain control over exchange companies and brokers.

The team decided to allow any citizen who transfers an amount of money in one of the branches of the banks operating in the Syrian provinces, to withdraw the entire amount from a bank in another province within a week from the date of the transfer operation. The aim is to facilitate and support money transfer through regular channels.

The Value of Accomplished Works in Lattakia’s Industrial Zone is More than SYP 800 million

One of the major catalyst sectors of economy is industry , and an  important field in the industry sector are industrial zones

The Syrian government has given top priority to supporting the national industry through adopting a number of relevant measures and decisions to reactivate and enhance the industrial sector which has a key and vital role in supporting the national economy.

Lattakia’s Industry Directorate is working hard on the ground to back the various forms of national industry.

There are six  industrial zones in Lattakia governorate, with an area of 4,350 dunums. The most important and largest of them is the industrial one in  Lattakia city.

The industrial zones have  4,595 departments, which include all kinds of industries and crafts mainly   metal, wood, food, textile, chemical, building materials and  car repairing .

The Second Batch of Russian KAMAZ Concrete Trucks arrives in Tartous Port

Within the framework of implementing the agreement signed between Public Workers and Housing Ministry and the Russian Stroy Company, 12  Russian   KAMAZ   concrete trucks  arrived in Tartous port  on Thirsday.

 The Minister of Public Works and Housing Eng. Suhail Abdullatif  told reporters,  during the inspection of the  concrete trucks in Tartous port,  the   contract signed between the two sides  provides for  receiving 144 vehicles  from the Russian KAMAZ  company.

He highlighted the  importance of the  agreement signed  with the Russian side in providing  Syrian construction companies with up-to-date equipment  to support them in taking part effectively in reconstructing Syria.

Inflation of Prices in the Markets of Damascus:

Damascus and other Syrian cities have witnessed inflation of prices of foodstuff, garments and other imported goods and stuff because of the dramatic changes of the US dollar.

Syria Times’ reporters took a tour in the Damascene markets and reported traders, sellers and ordinary people’s reactions and comments.

[Fadi and Ahmed spend their day arguing and dealing with buyers in Nahir Eisha Market southern Damascus]