About 40 Syrian food companies participate in the Gulfood Dubai exhibition

About 40 food companies from the major Syrian food companies will participate in the Gulfood Dubai World Food Exhibition, which starts on February 21st.

The Head of the Central Committee for Exhibitions at the Federation of Syrian Chambers of Industry, Talal Qala Jai, stated that 20 Syrian industrial companies are participating in the Syrian Pavilion on an area of 227 meters, designed within a new and distinctive décor.

He added that about 20 other Syrian companies will participate in the specialized and international pavilions of the exhibition.

International Export Exhibition for Shoes and Leather Industries SILA 2021 kicks off on Sunday

  More than 135 Syrian companies manufacturing shoes and leather products are to take part in the activities of the International Export Exhibition for Shoes, Leather Industries and production requirement SILA Spring/Summer 2021 due to open on Sunday.

The exhibition is organized by the Arab Union for Leather Industries in cooperation with the  Unions of the Syrian Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

The 4-day exhibition is held on an area of 8500 square meters at Damascus Fairgrounds.

According to Mohammad Al-Boushi, head of the public relations department at the Arab Union for Leather Industries and head of the Leather Industries Committee in the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Chamber of Industry, the exhibition is an important platform to promote and market Syrian shoes and leather products in local markets and to export them to Arab and foreign markets.

Second Health center in Al-Mayadeen city resumes offering services to people

DER EZZOUR,(ST)_The second health center in Al-Mayadeen city in the eastern countryside of Der Ezzour has started offering medical services to the residents of the city and the countryside after its renovation from the destruction of terrorists.

Director of Health Directorate in the city Dr. Bashar Al-Shoebi said that the second health center, which was damaged by terrorism,  was renovated in cooperation with international organizations.

Harasta National Hospital to be put into full service again within the coming two months

The Harasta National Hospital in Damascus Countryside will be put into full service again within the coming two months after it has completely got rid of destruction caused by terrorism, according to Damascus Countryside Health Directorate.

The achievement is made as other rehabilitation works in some hospitals in eastern Ghouta continue with the aim of restoring life to this area.

Since the liberation of the towns of Eastern Ghouta from terrorism in 2018, the Damascus Countryside Health Directorate has started a plan to rehabilitate and restore the seven hospitals in this area, Deputy Director of Damascus Countryside Health, Dr. Eyad Tejen told SANA.

The directorate has completed the rehabilitation of Harasta National Hospital with the aim of putting it into service within the next two months, while outpatient clinics are working currently on a partial basis, he said.

Reviving craft areas in Homs participates in economic and social development

Homs, (ST) – Reviving craft areas in Homs participates in economic and social development by securing job opportunities for a large number of the governorate's residents and providing various services and products.

Eng. Ahmed Habib, Director of Industrial and Craft Zones in Homs Governorate, said to SANA's reporter that, since 2017, a number of craft areas were identified, including the craft area in Talbiseh, which was modified to become 16 hectares (building space), indicating that most of the crafts which were in Talbiseh will be transferred to the craft area.

Habib indicated that, the roads that were dug last year in the craft area of Talkalakh, covers an area of 30 hectares, with a contract value amounting to 92 million Syrian pounds, and that the sanitation project has been contracted for 192 million  Syrian pounds.